Worthington Presbyterian Church Mural

One of my favorite projects of this past year was working with the fabulous kids, volunteers, and staff at Worthington Presbyterian Church.  I read the poem "All Things Bright and Beautiful" by Cecil Francis Alexander to Sunday School participants from ages 3-10.  Students drew creatures and flowers.  I took all of their fabulous drawings and added them to a tree of my design.  The resulting mural is a mash up of their work and mine and is located in the nursery of the church.  I have included pictures of some of the kid's drawings as well as their painted translations.  I also included each child's name in the mural.    One of the reasons I love this project so much is because it combines two of my favorite things teaching and painting!  Plus, the children's art is so much better than anything I could come up with!

Original Bird Drawing
Bird Included in the Mural

Original Flower Drawing
Flower included in Mural
Can you see Lucas' name included on his spider's web?

Morning Moon at Amberleigh

Recent 18"x18"  acrylic on canvas inspired by a morning with my kids at Amberleigh Park in Dublin, Ohio.

Eli's Train Room

Eli loves trains!  His bigger boy room features a train chugging along half of his room.  The names of the cars all relate to his name, birthday, and some of his best characteristics.  His little brother, Logan,  is even tagging along as the caboose.  

Original Acrylic Florals on Canvas

"Cosmic Sunflower" 2012

Colleen's Dahlia 2012